Design direction and design-focused frontend development. I specialize in partnering with startups to help build their brand and product from the ground up.


I am a designer who aims to create long-term solutions for brands and people. I've worked with large and small companies internationally for over a decade to bring purpose and quality to their overall brand experience. My focus lies in design strategy, brand identities, and digital design systems. I am located near Bath, England, where I work remotely with clients worldwide.

My process is guided by the idea and belief that design isn't just about creating something beautiful, design should be purpose-driven, practical and useful. Great design not only looks good, but pushes a company forward whilst creating stronger connections with their customers. My focus on design systems helps companies deliver intuitive, cross-platform apps and websites that not only look beautiful but are simple and accessible for their users.


I have always prioritized learning frontend development to allow me to 'practice what I preach' and fully put my own designs and design systems to the test. I have been building the products and websites for as long as I have been designing them, carrying the same systematic level of design thought and precision throughout both sides of the process. My development offering ranges from PHP powered custom Wordpress templates all the way to cross-platform React/React Native apps and websites.

A huge benefit of knowing how to code is that I understand the practicalities of development whilst designing a product. I can help my clients to bridge what is often a very large gap between design and their existing team of developers. My knowledge and experience in development grants me the ability to effectively communicate my designs to developers and to work with them to ensure the highest possible end product.


Design services

  • Brand identities

  • Brand platforms

  • Naming

  • Design strategy

  • Brand guidelines

  • Social media strategy

  • Visual identity design

  • Digital design

  • Websites

  • UX/UI design

  • Design systems

  • Apps

  • Digital identities

  • E–commerce

  • Social media templates

  • Digital product design

  • Design production

  • Display typography

  • Illustration

  • Iconography

  • Art Direction

  • Packaging design

  • Brand management

  • Product design

  • Prototyping

Developer services

  • Typescript

  • React

  • Web applications

  • Websites

  • React Native mobile apps

  • Headless CMS

  • Wordpress

  • Custom Wordpress themes

  • Design system components