Creating a brand and packaging to bring sustainability to a booming market.

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At A Studio we were hired by Ventiv to help brand their packaging company and to help design sustainable packaging structures for them to sell to cannabis brands.​​In 2018, the cannabis space was emerging as one of the fastest growing consumer goods categories in North America. However, with the challenges of heavy and constantly evolving regulations, the market for packaging was complicated and littered with bulky unsustainable solutions. The solutions on offer were limited and brands were beginning to blend into one another. Therefore, Ventiv saw an opportunity to create a business that met the growing needs of brands in the cannabis space who wanted to offer their consumers a much more enjoyable packaging experience that didn’t harm the environment.

Our mission was to disrupt the cannabis packaging space and to solve the growing environmental issues associated with it. We wanted the brand to feel trustworthy and innovative.. With this in mind we created a contemporary and geometric wordmark that combined a sleek and modern aesthetic with a subtle connection to the organic provenance of the product through its hidden curves and details. The icon became a simple and powerful symbol of change, standing confident with the bold repeated 3D “V” and the subtle nod to a flower to again create the connection to the organic nature of the products.

Beyond the identity we created a beautiful e-commerce web experience with built-in augmented reality functionality to allow potential customers to preview products in a real-world context. We also designed the products and packaging portfolio, developing revolutionary premium packaging that was fully child-proof and fully recyclable for edibles, cartridges and pre-rolls.