Perfectly Clear

Creating a brand that makes cutting-edge scientific and intelligent software easy to understand for the everyday consumer.

  • Brand identity
  • Visual identity design
  • Brand management
  • Website design
  • UI/UX design
  • Product design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Custom Wordpress theme

Perfectly Clear creates automatic photo and video correction software powered by both scientific research and artificial intelligence. Their software can be seamlessly integrated into any company’s ecosystem to allow them to instantly and accurately correct photos or videos. For example, Oppo uses Perfectly Clear on their phones to automatically enhance people’s camera photos as soon as they take a photo. Perfectly Clear are the “world leaders in intelligent image correction” and their “technology automatically corrects more than a billion photos every year”.

Through my branding, I was able to communicate Perfectly Clear’s future-forward intelligent and technical software in an easy-to-understand and approachable way. The logo I created encompasses this, utilizing a simple lens viewfinder in the shape of a “P” alongside a rounded and geometric typeface crafted to show precision, modernity and a hint of futurism. The logo feels friendly and simple at first glance but the combination of the rounded and sharp edges alongside the gaps in the viewfinder and the “P” challenge you to dig beneath the surface and investigate the tiny details of the design. This is what the company needed; it’s complex and detailed software wrapped in a friendly and uncomplicated design language that both guides and inspires their customers.

The Perfectly Clear logo was then developed into a full brand, using the inspiring and ‘future-forward’ colors and shapes of the identity across multiple touchpoints. The brand identity needed to be versatile enough so that it could stand out when placed amongst the sea of image retouching companies, but also be able to hero and not overshadow the core language of the company - photography.

I have developed every aspect of Perfectly Clear’s design needs, from marketing materials all the way through to a fully redesigned website. The website was designed after careful consideration and research into how business-to-business websites should operate, with a difficult job of making extremely complex software easy to understand for a busy customer. I created the website by developing a fully customized Wordpress theme integrating front-end editing capabilities to allow their employees to fully edit and rearrange the website whenever they need. My working relationship with Perfectly Clear is ongoing as we work together to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints.