Creating a brand that helps capture the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood

  • Brand identity
  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Headless CMS
  • Web development

I was approached by Dulce, a renowned maternity and newborn photographer based in Calgary, Canada to rebound their business. They were seeking a sophisticated and compelling brand image that would resonate with their client base – driven, successful individuals seeking to eternalise their precious moments of pregnancy and early parenthood.

The core of the visual identity is an engaging spiral icon drawn from the aesthetics of a camera shutter. The design elegantly melds the letter 'd' from 'Dulce' with the 'p' from 'photography', creating an evocative rotating glyph. As the letters spin and meld, the negative space reveals the graceful silhouette of a lotus flower, a universal emblem of birth, fertility, and the everlasting.

To complement this dynamic symbol, I crafted a sophisticated, modern serif wordmark. Each curve and cut was designed to subtly reflect the enchanting contours of the female figures Dulce beautifully captures through their lens.

The versatility of the logo is its strength. By adjusting the initial orientation of the 'd' within the icon, we were able to generate an array of spiral variations. Leveraging these diverse patterns, I produced a series of dynamic animations and abstract designs to invigorate the brand's presence and provide a toolkit of assets for the client. A hallmark feature of the brand is encircling parts of a portrait with the icon, drawing attention to specific features and narrating the story behind the beautiful moment captured by Dulce.