Helping two brothers develop an honest, unique and charitable eyewear brand to standout in a crowded market.

  • Brand identity
  • Visual identity design
  • Packaging design
  • Design production
  • Website design
  • Brand guidelines

Bloobloom is a disruptive new business in the glasses space that offers beautifully designed eyewear made with high quality materials in Italy for a much lower price than competitors. Bloobloom is a charity driven business. For every pair a consumer buys, Bloobloom donates a pair to someone in need through their Pair for Pair programme.

Brothers, Abbas and Fares started Bloobloom as they “wanted to see eyewear afresh – to do it better – and create a brand we would buy. Because we value honesty, we relish buying from similar souls, from people who want to stand for something”. When they approached me, they wanted help rebuilding their brand, website and packaging to match the ideals their company represented. We aimed to develop a unique identity that could help them stand out from their well-established competitors such as Cubitts.

The brand we created draws from much of the brother’s past whilst pushing their company to the future. Having both spent much of their life in France the brand language draws from the slightly quirky, bold and unique aesthetic of high-end quintessential Parisian fashion brands. The blue that runs throughout the brand comes directly from the brothers’ manifesto, “la vie en bloo”; the term they prescribed to the limitless, inspiring and captivating vivid ultramarine color by Yves Klein that inspired their raison d’être - “to help people’s eyes see better, clearer, further”.

The visual identity and logo was motivated by Abbas and Fares stories of their earliest memories growing up in Morocco. The logo’s icon is an 8-pointed star, inspired by the octagram found in many variations on beautiful iconic tiles used throughout Morocco. The octagram traditionally represents an essence of spirituality, culture and hope and throughout the world we created for Bloobloom, the star is separated and positioned at the top of the page, guiding the way forward and pulling this brand in its exciting new direction.