Rebranding and changing perception of psychedelics to create an industry of positive patient wellbeing.

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Whilst working at A Studio a very interesting project came from a company called Beckley Psytech. Beckley Psytech is a psychedelics research company who are “dedicated to helping people suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders by developing a pipeline of psychedelic compounds into licensed pharmaceutical medicines”. The great challenge for this project was that psychedelics have traditionally been associated with certain negative connotations with an unscientific aesthetic. Our job was to help Beckley disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and to create a brand that not only revealed the safety and scientific method behind the research but also engaged with promoting mental well-being and inspiring an optimistic outlook.

The logo we created was a contemporary symbol that feels scientific through its geometric design, wide-scale through the globe shape and positively impactful through the lines of the icon slowly reconstructing the sphere until it becomes whole again. Our approach to a wider brand world was inspired by the brain scans of patients taking LSD by the Beckley Foundation. We created beautiful background gradient images that abstracted the logo and created a similar aesthetic effect to the brain scans. These images feel engaging and subtly nod to the positive effects and visual awakening of psychedelics without conjuring up the stereotypical and negative imagery associated with them in the past.